Manufactured movement – Flying Tourbillon Schwarz Etienne (TSE 121.00)


The TSE calibre housed within the Tourbillon La Chaux-de-Fonds models received a new life in undertaking its revolution. It turned over. It became Irreversible.

The future became the present, and today reached its culmination: the TSE 121.00 movement is the first with a flying tourbillon and an irreversible micro rotor from Schwarz Etienne. An exceptional innovation.

The flying tourbillon, positioned at 1 o’clock, floats at the top of the dial in any airy lightness. The decentred micro rotor at 9 o’clock, a rare complication as it requires a subtle balance of the forces, allows for an increased visibility of the mechanism and provides a deep view into the intricacies of the movement. Fleeting moments in its heart.

The TSE 121.00 Tourbillon has a three-and-a-half day power reserve. This rare autonomy is designed to guarantee the stability of the precision in the long term.

Schwarz Etienne is a rare manufacture that can pride itself on being entirely autonomous in the supply of its range, this especially due to its sister company and partner E2O, which is specialised in the production of complete kits.

The bringing to market of this entirely manufactured in-house calibre further reinforces the position of Schwarz Etienne among the major players in Haute Horlogerie.

Drawn from the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection, watch metropolis par excellence, these TSE Tourbillons are the embodiment of innovative expertise, which continuously develops, and that dares to brave the elements, powered by an unquenchable passion for watchmaking. For over 100 years.